Family Therapy
As a Post-Masters student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, I concentrated on structural and strategic family therapy.  I received specialized family therapy training at the Kantor Family Institute, Family Solutions and the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. Additonally, I am a certified Step Family Counselor, trained by the Stepfamily Foundation 

In my practice, I have worked with all sorts of families: nuclear families, extended families, single parents and step-families.  Some of the family issues we can work on are: divorce, separation, the death of a child, loss of a family member, work-family problems and children with Asperger's, ADHD and other disorders.  

New Parent Consultation
As a Family Therapist and the mother of two young children, I have taken a special interest in offering training and support for new mothers and/or parents. In 1996 I was awarded the Partners in Hope Award from Boston Children's Services in recognition of my dedication to children and families. 

As a consultant, I work with new and expecting parents to help them transition into their role as parents.  I provide information on services available for new and expecting parents, working and single mothers and/or single fathers.  I use my first-hand experience to help new parents determine what is fact and what is fiction in the often confusing world of parenting information and I offer guidance on product selection, time management, new parent resources and places to shop. I help answer questions about your child's month-to-month development and address emotional development issues such as bonding, soothing fussy babies, sleep issues and separation anxiety.

Pre-Teen and Teen Counseling
In addition to family therapy, I offer specialized therapy for adolescents and teenagers.  As an adolescent or teen counselor, I not only offer parents advice on setting limits, but help teenagers transition to college and launch into young adulthood and provide social skill direction for adolescents and teenagers that is appropriate to one's age group, including what to expect from peers and parents at certain ages.  

Individual Therapy
I work closely with my individual clients to explore and understand their unique experiences.  I have worked with individuals of all age groups including adolescents, young adults, middle age and geriatric adults.  In my practice, I work with individuals who are dealing with divorce, anxiety, grief, loss of a loved one, depression, stress, childhood trauma, eating disorders, cutting, post-traumatic stress disorder and other personal issues.

Couples Therapy
As a marriage and family therapist, I work with couples to overcome a variety of issues that may affect one's relationship: divorce, separation, infidelity, financial stress and communication problems.  I also offer pre-marital counseling to those couples who are dating or engaged and post-divorce recovery for those couples dealing with visitation rights, re-marriage and the possibility of having additional children.